26 Maret 2021 07:58


Indonesia Tourism Development Program

Loan IBRD No.8861-ID

Assignment Titles:

Monitoring and Evaluation: Community Satisfaction Survey for the Indonesia Tourism Development
Project in Toba, B-Y-P and Lombok to Support Directorate of Tourism Human
Resource Development (DTHRD) Indonesia Tourism Development Project (ITDP)

Reference No.

The Government of Indonesia has received financing from the World Bank toward the Indonesia Tourism Development Program (ITDP).ITDP consists of four
(1) Increase institutional capacity to facilitate integrated and sustainable tourism development;
(2) Improve tourism-relevant road quality and basic services accessibility of selected destinations;
(3) Promote local participation in the tourism economy; and
(4) Enhance enabling environment for private investment and business entry into tourism. The overall project description,logical framework, and Key Performance Indicators can be seen in Project Operation Manual (Pedoman Umum P3TB) that is available in http://p3tb.pu.go.id.

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